About Jenifer Coleman

At a Glance

Jenifer Coleman, CMTBio

While in high school, I knew that my career would not involve sitting behind a desk all day.  I first decided to try my hand at Cosmetology, but I was terrible at it!  My cosmetology teacher talked me in to coming back and completing the course because I could do all the technical things that were needed to earn my certification — I just had no styling ability.  She knew that a Cosmetology license was an “umbrella license” in Virginia at the time, so I took her advice and finished the certification.

During the second year of cosmetology, we learned massage.  It was the week that we learned facial massage that I knew I was supposed to be a massage therapist.

I didn’t want to go to college because I knew then that I’d be a massage therapist.  Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to continue my studies at Longwood College.  Knowing that I’d open a massage therapy practice one day, I decided to major in business management.

I was very grateful to my parents, because not only did the college education give me the skills to be where I am now, it opened many doors that otherwise would not have been opened.  I also made life-long friends that to this day I don’t know what I would do without!

After working for a few doctors, including chiropractors, I found myself in a position to do what I had always wanted to do…own my own business.  I had 5+ years of massage therapy experience, a good patient following, and a massage studio that has turned out to be a dream come true.

I’m in business for one reason — I want my patients to have healthy, happy, pain-free lives.  Period. In fulfilling this mission, I also want to be sure that my massage rates are reasonable, because I feel that massage is not a luxury — everyone should be able to afford wellness.