Therapeutic / Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic MassageWhat’s your trouble spot? Click here to find out how a therapeutic massage can help ease pain and discomfort.

Whether you’re seeking a single treatment or a course of treatments on a regular basis, therapeutic massage and relaxation massage is used to treat pain caused by injury or muscle strain, and incorporates trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques to treat the pain and relieve stress.

Massage Rates

30 Minutes – $40
45 Minutes – $55
60 Minutes – $70
75 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes – $100

Bowl of hot stonesHot Stone Therapy

A perfect hybrid between relaxing hot stone massage and deep therapeutic massage.  By utilizing the heat of stones, the muscles will relax quicker and allow for a deeper, more effective massage.

Hot Stone Therapy Rates

30 Minutes – $55
45 Minutes – $70
60 Minutes – $85
75 Minutes – $100
90 Minutes – $120

You can Add-On a “Stone Spot-Treatment” to any regular massage if you have just one trouble spot for $10!


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