What’s Your Trouble Spot?

Aside from easing stress, a therapeutic massage can help ease pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints of the body. Click on any part of the body below to see a description of different types of muscle pain that a massage can help.



Headaches are often caused by muscle tension at the base of the skull. This can be from a number of things, including stress or grinding your teeth. Massage therapy can work the tension from the muscles.

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Grinding or clinching your teeth (either during the day or at night while you sleep) can cause pain that starts in your jaw and works its way to your neck. Do you ever wake up and your teeth hurt? Some people clinch or grind in their sleep and don’t know it, but this is a good indication that there’s a problem!

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Stress, bad posture, or even poor sleeping habits can cause neck pain. This can lead to all sorts of problems spreading to your back, fingers, and believe it or not, even your ankles and toes.

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Injury is the most common cause of shoulder problems, but pain in your shoulders  it can come from bad posture or neck problems.

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Tingling in the fingers? Carpal Tunnel-type pain in the wrist? Pain in your wrists and hands is commonly caused by tightness in the neck.  The nerves that feed your arms and hands all stem from the cranium. Tight muscles “choke” these nerves and interfere with the messages being sent and restrict proper bloodflow. Some even misinterperet “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” for this common problem.

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Upper Back

Upper back pain and tightness is common for people who sit at a computer all day, especially if their desk isn’t set up ergonomically.

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Lower Back

A common “stress spot,” especially in men, and for those that stand or drive for the majority of your day. What people don’t realize is that pain and tightness in the lower back can actually stem from the glutes. The glutes are the strongest muscles in your body, and can wreak havoc on the low back when tight. Daily stretching is helpful in keeping these muscles in check.

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If you frequently participate in sports — especially for runners and cyclists, these muscles may need a little extra work. Injury or standing on a hard floor all day may also cause tightness and pain.

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Similar to the legs, foot pain can come from intense lower body exertion or standing all day. Feet also get us from place to place constantly, so treat them to some TLC too!

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